Victims of Crime QLD - Have you been a victim of crime? You may be entitled to victims assistance from QLD Government.
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We Help You Claim Financial Assistance from Victim Assist Queensland

Victims of Crime Queensland is sponsored by Romans and Romans Lawyers who actively supports victims of violent crime in Queensland jurisdictions. Our charter is to guide the victim seeking application for financial assistance offered by the Queensland State Government and its various agencies and, where possible, ensure that victims claim all of the financial assistance they are entitled to within the Queensland legal framework.

In some instances the victim may be able to seek further redress through civil legal action as opposed to just receiving reimbursement of our-of-pocket expenses, and Romans and Romans Lawyers may be able to aid Victims of Crime by acting in a commercial capacity to seek further redress. If you, as a victim of crime, feel you are entitled to further compensation you may wish to raise this possibility and discuss this with your assigned legal practitioner at the time of application.