Victims of Crime QLD - Have you been a victim of crime? You may be entitled to victims assistance from QLD Government.
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About us-
Helping Queensland Victims of Crime live better lives!

We, at Victims of Crime Queensland, are a firm of highly experienced lawyers based in Greenslopes, Brisbane, dedicated to providing practical advice to victims.

The Queensland Government assistance scheme for victims of crime in Queensland changed in November 2009 and commenced operation under the name Victim Assist Queensland on 1 December 2009, replacing the previous criminal injury compensation schemes. Victims of violent crime could no longer apply for criminal injury compensation but instead must apply for assistance under the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009.

This recent assistance scheme is intended to focus on assisting the recovery of victims of crime who have been injured as a result of an act of violence through the provision of financial assistance outlined within the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009.

We can help you apply for payments of up to $75,000 (GST exclusive) from Victim Assist Queensland.

Our advice and guidelines helps you in:
  1. Applying to Victim Assist for all of what you are entitled to under the legislation; and
  2. Reducing delays in the processing of your application by Victim Assist.
Victims of Crime Queensland can provide the necessary help and advice to victims of crime so that they can access government funding. This way it may help to regain a normalcy in your day to day life without living in fear and being disadvantaged by the economic and social implications that are often inherent in crimes of violence.